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BORDEAUX – This month we meet Xavier Routurier, Leggett wine expert …

Xavier Routurier


“I was born on a vineyard, to parents who are both wine-growers!  Since training myself as an Oenologue (Wine Technician) I’ve spent a number of years developing a rich and all round experience of winemaking in Australia, New-Zealand, California and Bordeaux (Margaux).”

“I decided to join the Leggett vineyard team, specialising in the sale of Bordeaux vineyards, as I felt my thorough technical insight, from the growing of vines in the ground, through the wine production process in the cellars and international marketing, would be a valuable asset to clients thinking of purchasing a French vineyard. I believe that investing in a vineyard is not only about purchasing a charming house and a pretty vineyard, but equally its about having a wine expert to guide you in buying the right property at the outset and preparing you for the challenge ahead !”

The Gironde area is a blend of culture, history, gastronomy, dynamic economy, tourism and the art of living ! Bordeaux has been awarded for the second time  ‘The most attractive french city’ ! I invite you to come and discover this wonderful atmosphere for yourself,” says Xavier, “walk along the river Garonne, sit in the sunshine with a glass of wine and enjoy the lifestyle!”

Bordeaux is the largest wine appellation (area) in the world, with a total of 57 appellations, producing sparkling wines, sweet white wines, dry white wines, rosé wines and premium red wines. The French terroir is unique, producing extra special wines, but to do this you first need to understand the particular soil, climate, hillsides, vines and life in the vineyard !

“Leggett currently a number of valuable investment vineyards, through to small ‘turnkey’ properties with lower price tags” says Xavier “and I’ve no doubt that with my local knowledge of the area and expertise in the making of fine wines,  we will find a French vineyard to suit your needs and budget.”  See our current vineyard listings. Contact Xavier on +33 (0)5 57 55 06 06 for further information.


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